Building Operations

No matter how well designed or constructed, buildings need to be carefully operated and maintained to sustain high performance. Day-to-day operations and maintenance (O&M) impact occupant health and performance, the efficient use of resources – energy, water, materials – and associated costs.

The following resources provide more information.

Resource Description
Facility Management Institute This “cloud” Institute facilitates continuous collaboration on core competencies, curriculum, continuing education and knowledge networking by professionals in the facility management community.
Accelerate FM GSA's online resource for professional development of federal buildings personnel includes resources, links to training and a self-assessment function designed to help facilities professionals develop their potential throughout their career.
SFTool: FEDSAT Federal Facilities Skills Assessment Tool (FEDSAT) is a no-cost, online skills assessment tool for FBPTA effected personnel to demonstrate knowledge of recognized high priority FBPTA “performances,” defined as typical job functions for facilities personnel.
GSA Buy Green Products Information and resources to assist agencies in purchasing environmentally sustainable products, such as those that meet energy efficiency, recycled content and bio-based goals.
SFTool: Green Procurement Compilation A comprehensive green purchasing resource designed for federal contracting personnel and program managers, to help identify applicable green purchasing requirements by consolidating and organizing information from Federal environmental programs in one place.
Strategically Sustainable: Results GSA’s sustainability goals and performance are reported through its Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans, and evaluated by means of the Office of Management and Budget’s annual sustainability/energy scorecards, both available here.
Plug load Management Suite A set of resources incorporating research-based solutions to help facility managers and others to minimize the energy loads used by equipment plugged into outlets.
SFTool: Supply Chain A supply chain risk management framework designed to provide guidance to Federal agencies ready to assess observed and expected climate or weather-related risks to supply chains, and develop plans to minimize those risks.
Continuous Retuning This factsheet provides information and links about continuous retuning, which is often the least costly method for lowering a building's energy use, by means of proactive rather than reactive operations and maintenance practices.
Supply Chain Energy & Environmental Management How GSA is working to adopt industry best practices for supply chain management, including reducing suppliers’ energy and environmental footprints, as an important best-value component of solutions that vendors provide to the federal government.

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Last Reviewed: 2019-06-02