GSA Customer Service Plan

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Executive Summary

GSA’s mission is to help its customers deliver exceptional results in support of their missions. Our goal is to be a model for outstanding customer service in government.

GSA has an extraordinary range of customers as demonstrated in the graphic below: citizens who are seeking information and services from their government, businesses who want to sell their services to the federal government, organizations who support efficient government operations, and the employees of federal, state and local agencies.

A challenge for GSA is to provide support to hundreds of large federal agencies that have complex and siloed organizational structures, are geographically dispersed around the world, and are confronting a tight budget environment. Because of GSA’s government-wide purview and leadership role, we can address these needs by helping agencies more effectively manage their diverse assets and resources.

To do this effectively, we need to know our customers better. We want to be aware of their problems and develop solutions together. We call this "customer intimacy"—and it’s a fundamental part of our customer service strategy. The fulfill this strategy, our initial Customer Service Plan includes the following components:

  • Collect Better Customer Data: We’re implementing Salesforce, a customer relationship management tool to give us a single, shared view of all our customers and our interactions across GSA, for the first time.
  • Develop Customer Support Profiles for Each Agency: We need a systematic way to filter and use our customer data. To do this, we’re launching a pilot program to create a "customer support profile" for each agency, which will contain an overview of the agency’s customer needs and gather all of GSA’s offerings, services, and capabilities that we deliver to that agency into a single, coherent profile. To start, we’re piloting with two major Cabinet agencies. During the pilot, we’ll identify best practices and lessons learned in delivering customer service to those agencies and determine which practices can be replicated to improve service to other agencies.
  • Create a common knowledge base to deliver answers to top customer questions: As a fundamental part of our customer service strategy, we need to hear from our customers on a routine basis and make it easier for them to ask us questions and get quick answers. To meet this need, we’ll develop GSA Connect, an extensive knowledge base of agency-wide Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). It will be accessible through the Web, to contact center operators, and via mobile and other technologies. The program will allow GSA to provide a more consistent customer experience so people get the same, accurate answer no matter how they contact us.

Ultimately, these activities will help both GSA employees and our customers work more effectively and more efficiently.

The scope and impact of this work is significant: it will enable GSA to improve the delivery of 12 million products and services, and strengthen how we manage 9,000 federal and leased facilities across the globe. As a result, GSA will be able to demonstrate to our ultimate customer--the U.S. tax payer-- that $64 billion (or 14% of the government’s procurement spending) is achieving the best value for money spent.

As we implement GSA’s Customer Service Plan, we’re also looking to refine our performance metrics and ensure that all of GSA is focused on our customer service goals. To do this, we will focus on these four core elements in all our customer service work:

  • Understanding customers, their missions and challenges
  • Delivering innovative solutions to accommodate them
  • Establishing customer service standards and assessment measures
  • Sharing best practices and lessons learned

In addition to the primary activities mentioned above, our Plan describes other initiatives that will propel us forward in customer service and teach us even better ways to improve.

Whether we are training the acquisition workforce, deploying electronic tools, building energy-efficient federal buildings, or creating and fine-tuning government-wide policies, GSA will meet the challenge to fulfill our mission: helping our many and varied customers support their missions.

Diagram of GSA Customer Service Ecosystem

Last Reviewed: 2021-06-04