Open Government Plan

Version 3.0 of GSA's Open Government Plan showcases our ongoing implementation of collaborative governmentwide platforms and tools and our current strategic initiatives in the U.S. National Action Plan. This version details some of GSA’s ongoing work to make federal procurement information easily accessible online for businesses, government agencies, and the public. Download the GSA Open Government Plan Version 3 [PDF - 403 KB] .

We recognize that our Open Government Plan is a living document and will evolve. As we continue towards increased transparency, participation, collaboration, and innovation, we will include updates of how these open government principles are integrated in our strategic efforts and mission operations. Details about achievements in these areas can be found on our website, and We invite the public to contribute ideas on ways GSA can become more accountable and accessible. The feedback we receive from the public today will help to shape a more open GSA for tomorrow. Please email us at to let us know:

  • What data or information do you want GSA to make available to the public?
  • What additional open government activities would you like to see GSA involved in?
  • What would you like us to include in our updated open government plan?
  • How you would like our /Open webpage to evolve?

Download previous GSA Open Government Plans

Open Government Plans Graphic

GSA Open Government Plan 2.0 [PDF - 4 MB] (Published April 9, 2012)

GSA Open Government Plan 1.2 (Published May 20, 2011)

GSA Open Government Plan 1.1 (Published June 25, 2010)

GSA Open Government Plan 1.0 (Published April 7, 2010)


GSA's Open Government Implementation Dashboard shows the status of our progress for implementing our Open Government Plan.

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