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Visit this page to learn about GSA’s ongoing accountability to citizens, its ambitious sustainability plans, and what “open” looks like across the globe.

Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS)

Logo for FAPIIS The Office of Inspector General at GSA established a website that helps to track down records of state suspensions and departments. It is a great resource for the public, as well as federal contracting officers who are charged with checking the responsibility records of federal contractors. This system closely mirrors Project on Government Oversight’s Federal Contractor Misconduct Database — a centralized database of contract and non-contract related misconduct. Learn more >


Graphic for GSA's Summary of Performance Financial Information These reports provide GSA financial and performance information, enabling the assessment of agency performance, and explain how the agency benefits citizens. Learn more >


thumbnail for 1800 F sustainability Sustainability is one of GSA’s key priorities. GSA incorporates sustainability into its budget, planning, and performance management processes and understands that sustainability can significantly improve our bottom line. Several of GSA’s key performance measures are sustainability measures, and GSA tracks goal progress. Download plan > [PDF - 1 MB]


A listing of dates and locations for GSA sponsored seminars, workshops, meetings, and other events offered to federal employees and vendors. View events >


View Blog highlights of GSA's Open Government activities furthering Transparency, Participation, Collaboration and Innovation.

Highlights of GSA's Open Government activities >


  • The Open Government Directive
  • Open Government Initiative

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These reports provide GSA financial and performance information, enabling the assessment of agency performance.

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Read reports and other information related to GSA's efforts in support of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

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Reports and documents provide budgetary and performance information about GSA's programs.

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These reports gather information on GSA's progress regarding budget, performance, and goals.

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Guidance is available for how GSA's Public Affairs Office facilitates agency communications.

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This report provides conference expense information for GSA conferences, as required by OMB Memorandum M-12-12.

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GSA provides timely, accurate information to all inquiries from Congress.

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The results of a U.S. Office of Government Ethics review indicated that the GSA ethics program appears to be effectively administered and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

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GSA's Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act Inventory aims to create accurate, complete, understandable, and supportable inventories of the GSA's functions.

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GSA's Committee Management Secretariat supports FACA groups thoroughout government.

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Anyone may request access to federal agency records or information under the 1966 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

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GSA FOIA Reports

GSA's Inspector General issues semiannual reports on significant investigations, statistical case information and information concerning management decisions.

GSA OIG Contractor Reporting
OIG Documents & Reports

GSA's Privacy Program protects the personal information of all individuals of whom GSA maintains systems of records.

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GSA carefully tracks, organizes, and archives valuable historical data.

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GSA keeps careful track of all communications with registered lobbyists.

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