Agency Transition Directors Council (ATDC)

The ATDC was established by section 3 of Executive Order No. 13727 (2016) (Facilitation of a Presidential Transition), and it has continued to meet on an annual basis since the 2017 Presidential transition. OMB Memorandum 20-24, Implementing the Presidential Transition Act, issued on April 27, 2020, instructed the heads of agencies to designate senior career representatives to serve as Agency Transition Directors and to serve on the ATDC.

ATDC member responsibilities:

  • ensure that the Federal Government has an integrated strategy for addressing interagency challenges and responsibilities around Presidential transitions and turnover of non-career appointees;
  • coordinate transition activities among the Executive Office of the President, agencies, and the transition team of the eligible candidate(s) and the President-elect and Vice President-elect;
  • draw on guidance provided by the White House Transition Coordinating Council and lessons learned from previous Presidential transitions in carrying out its duties;
  • assist the Federal Transition Coordinator in identifying and carrying out his or her responsibilities relating to a Presidential transition;
  • provide guidance to agencies in gathering briefing materials and information relating to the Presidential transition that may be requested by the eligible candidate(s);
  • ensure that materials and information are prepared not later than November 1 of the year during which a Presidential election is held;
  • ensure that agencies adequately prepare career employees who are designated to fill non-career positions during a potential Presidential transition; and
  • consult with the President’s Management Council, or any successor thereto, in carrying out its duties.

ATDC Membership:

Agency Name
Acting Deputy Director for Management, Office of Management and Budget and ATDC Co-chair Michael Rigas
Federal Transition Coordinator and ATDC Co-chair Mary Gibert
Department of Agriculture Mary Pletcher Rice
Department of Commerce Wynn Coggins
Department of Defense Thomas M. Muir
Department of Education Denise L. Carter
Department of Energy Ingrid Kolb
Department of Health and Human Services Erica G. Schwartz
Department of Homeland Security Mark Koumans
Department of Housing and Urban Development Matt Ammon
Department of Interior Scott A. de la Vega
Department of Justice Lee J. Lofthus
Department of Labor Al Stewart
Department of State Daniel B. Smith
Department of Transportation Keith Washington
Department of the Treasury Andrew Baukol
Department of Veterans Affairs Dat Tran
Environmental Protection Agency Wesley Carpenter
Executive Office of the President Crede Bailey
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Tom Cremins
Office of Personnel Management Steve Hickman
Office of Government Ethics Shelley Finlayson
National Archives and Records Administration Chris Naylor
United States Agency for International Development Chris Milligan

Last Reviewed: 2020-09-17