Energy Efficient Products

GSA offers two categories of energy efficient products:

Executive Order 13693, Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade requires federal agencies to buy energy efficient products and services that meet statutory requirements to the maximum extent practicable.

Other federal laws and regulations mandate that federal agencies conserve energy. Both the Energy Policy Act 1992/2005 (EPACT) and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 23 require the purchase of energy-efficient products in appropriate situations. This applies to all energy consuming products and equipment purchased through any acquisition vehicle.

Any credit card purchase involving energy consuming products and purchases must also adhere to these requirements.

Exemptions to Purchasing Energy Efficient Products

GSA is required to supply ENERGY STAR and FEMP products for all product categories covered by the ENERGY STAR or FEMP programs, except when one or more of the following occurs:

  • The ordering activity specifies in writing that no ENERGY STAR or FEMP product is available to meet the purchaser’s functional requirements;
  • No ENERGY STAR or FEMP product is cost-effective for the intended application over the life of the products, taking energy cost savings into account; or
  • The product is purchased for combat or combat-related missions. This exemption would normally be limited to military-unique equipment for which commercial off-the-shelf products may not be suitable.

Find ENERGY STAR and FEMP-Recommended Products in GSA Advantage!

Visit GSA Advantage!®'s Environmental Aisle to search for ENERGY STAR and FEMP-recommended products such as:

Energy Star Logo - Energy Efficient Product Symbol
  • Construction Products;
  • Commercial and Industrial Equipment;
  • Food Service Equipment;
  • Lighting;
  • Office Equipment; and
  • Plumbing.

How to search for energy-efficient products:

  • Once on the aisle, enter the type of product in the “Look for” text box.
  • Select the energy efficiency standard the product must meet by using the checkbox next to any of the energy efficiency standards logos listed. For ENERGY STAR and/or FEMP products, select the checkbox next to their logos; and
  • Select the "Search!" Button.
    All products matching the Energy Efficiency standards selected will display on a new page. For example, to procure an ENERGY STAR light fixture, enter “light fixture” in the “Looking for” text box, and check the ENERGY STAR check box. Select “Search” and purchase an ENERGY STAR light fixture that meets the specifications.
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