GPG-Proven Technologies with Deployment Potential for GSA

GPG measurement and verification results demonstrate deployment potential for GSA for the following technologies:

Building Envelope EC Windows for General Office Space Facilities where outside views are critical. Savings vary N/A
Building Envelope EC Windows for Land Ports of Entry Facilities where window glare compromises mission-critical outdoor visibility. NA NA
Building Envelope Hi-R Window Panels Buildings in cold climates with single-pane windows. 41% 7
Building Envelope Low-e Window Film All Climates. Best payback for single-pane clear windows. 29% perimeter HVAC savings 2-6
Energy Mgmt. Advanced Power Strips Deploy broadly. 26-48% 1-2
Energy Mgmt. Control Optimization System for Chiller Plants Centrifugal chillers with loads > 3 million ton-hrs/yr 35% 5
Energy Mgmt. Socially Driven HVAC Optimization Prioritize where thermal comfort is an issue. Savings greatest in facilities that are intermittently occupied with high energy costs and narrow deadbands. 20% cooling, 47% heating Savings - $0.05 - $0.50 ft²
Energy Mgmt. Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat Facilities with pneumatic control. 43-52% heating, 20% cooling 2-10
Energy Mgmt. Wireless Sensor Network Data Centers. 17% total, 48% cooling load reduction 2
HVAC Advanced RTUs End-of-life replacement 26% 3.8
HVAC Condensing Boilers Replacement of conventional boilers. Life-cycle cost effective when 3 -5 % more efficient than high-efficiency boilers. 14% 4-7
HVAC Synchronous and Cogged Fan Belts VAV Fans, retrofit with synchronous drive belts. CV Fans, replace at end-of-life with cogged V-belts. 2-20% 1-4
HVAC Variable Refrigerant Flow Buildings that are 5,000 to 100,000 ft² with electric reheat in cold climates, with limited room for ductwork changes. 34% projected relative to code-compliant HVAC NA
HVAC Variable-Speed Magnetic Bearing Chiller Replacement of rotary screw chillers. 42% 5
HVAC Variable-Speed Screw Chiller Replacement for water-cooled chillers 35% better than FEMP-standard, comparable to MBC chiller 2
Lighting LED Downlight Lamps for CFL Fixtures Where advanced lighting controls are not desired or useful. 40-50% 3
Lighting LED Fixtures with Integrated Controls Consider for retrofits with EUI > 3.25 kWh/ft²/yr and utility rates > $0.10 kWh. 69% over GSA average 9-12 Retrofit; 2-3 New Construction
Lighting TLED Retrofit Kits Fixtures where lenses and sockets are in good condition and ALC is useful. 27-29% 6
Lighting Wireless Advanced Lighting Controls Integrate with LED. Consider for retrofits with EUI > 3.25 kWh/ft²/yr and utility rates > $0.10 kWh. 54%, 78% with LED 3-6
On-Site Renewables Honeycomb Solar Thermal Collector Central hot water systems with electric heating and large uniform loads. NA 10
On-Site Renewables Photovoltaics Price should drive PV selection. PV effective even in 4-season climates. NA 10 in 2015 (19 @ 2011 pricing)
On-Site Renewables Wood-Pellet-Fired Biomass Boiler Facilities in cold climates that use fuel oil and are located within 50 miles of a biomass pellet mill. 85.6% efficiency at a 45% partial load. 5
Water Catalyst-Based Non-Chemical Water Treatment Facilities with hard water > 121 MG/L. NA 2
Water Weather Station for Irrigation Turnkey weather-based irrigation systems recommended. Areas with intermittent rain will have higher savings. 20-40% savings projected 2-4

1Savings compared to incumbent technology or practice.

2Payback, expressed in years, is at average fuel cost ($0.11/kWh and $7.5/Mcf)

GPG enables GSA to make sound investment decisions in next generation building technologies based on their real world performance.

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