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Three technologies selected for evaluation in 2019.

Ongoing Assessments


Adaptive Control for Chilled Water Plants [PDF - 186 KB] optimizes the operation of central plant cooling systems by using an adaptive control algorithm to achieve efficiencies across a building’s entire chilled water system, including chillers, air handling units, fan coils, and other distribution equipment.

Circuit-Level Energy Monitoring [PDF - 213 KB] analyzes energy use in real time on a circuit-by-circuit basis. Compared to traditional submetering, the data delivered is more granular and installation promises to be less costly.

Connected Building Operating System [PDF - 213 KB] increases building efficiency based on factors such as occupancy patterns, weather conditions, and real-time electricity consumption.

Wireless Sensors and Analytics [PDF - 217 KB] tests the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) by using relatively inexpensive and easy-to-install wireless, lighting-fixture-based sensors that detect and record changes in occupancy, temperature, visible light, infrared radiation, and LED power consumption.


Smart Scrubbers for HVAC Load Reduction [PDF - 214 KB] reduces the volume of outside air required to maintain indoor air quality (IAQ) by using absorbent materials to selectively remove contaminants from HVAC airflow.

On-Site Power & Renewables

DC Microgrid Study [PDF - 189 KB] connects on-site energy generation and storage devices to direct current (DC) loads, eliminating conversion losses and optimizing the efficiency of on-site power.


Catalyst-Based Scale Prevention for Cooling Towers [PDF - 186 KB] alters the chemistry of hard water to prevent calcite buildup.

Monitoring and Partial Water Softening [PDF - 186 KB] optimizes chilled water system performance by reducing the amount of “blowdown” water used to remove mineral build-up.

The GPG program enables GSA to make sound investment decisions in next-generation building technologies based on their real-world performance.

Last Reviewed: 2019-11-13