The GPG program has commissioned Department of Energy National Laboratories to perform real-world measurement and verification of the following technologies in pilot installations in federally-owned buildings. Preliminary technology assessments are available below as PDFs.

Preliminary Technology Assessments

In the News: From the 2017 Program Lineup

Monitoring and Partial Water Softening [PDF - 186 KB] This chilled water plant monitoring and control system optimizes chilled water system performance by reducing the amount of “blowdown” water used to remove mineral build-up. The technology consists of two components—continuous programmable logic control (PLC) monitoring and side-stream filtration. The combination of integrated monitoring and control promises a significant improvement over the current state-of-the-art. GPG test-bed measurement and verification: Lloyd D. George Courthouse in Las Vegas, NV.

Chemical-Free Water Treatment for Process Water [PDF - 244 KB] The chemical-free treatment under consideration uses an electro-catalytic process to control scale, corrosion, and bio contamination, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for blowdown water and chemical decontaminants. Findings available in 2018.

The GPG program enables GSA to make sound investment decisions in next generation building technologies based on their real world performance.

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