Ongoing Assessments

The GPG program is assessing technologies in the following areas:

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Six technologies selected for evaluation from the 2016 RFI


Dual Zone Indoor Shades [PDF - 246 KB] Dual zone indoor shades integrate two separate daylight control strategies into a single unit—an upper louvered blind that maximizes daylight harvesting and a lower roller shade that controls glare and reduces window heat gains and losses. Findings available in 2018.

Phase Change Materials [PDF - 215 KB] Phase change materials can be integrated into wall, roof, ceiling, attic and floor assemblies to improve the thermal performance of the building envelope and reduce air conditioning load. Findings available in 2018.


Wireless Sensors and Analytics [PDF - 217 KB] This technology tests the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) by using relatively inexpensive and easy-to-install wireless, lighting-fixture-based sensors that detect and record changes in occupancy, temperature, visible light, infrared radiation, and LED power consumption. Findings available 2018.


High Performance Circulator Pump [PDF - 217 KB] This technology saves pump energy by incrementally adjusting a pump’s flow speed to a building’s changing demands. It also generates useful data by tracking temperature, flow rate, and energy use. Findings available in 2018.


Chemical-Free Water Treatment for Process Water [PDF - 244 KB] The chemical-free treatment under consideration uses an electro-catalytic process to control scale, corrosion, and bio contamination, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for blowdown water and chemical decontaminants. Findings available in 2018.

The GPG program enables GSA to make sound investment decisions in next generation building technologies based on their real world performance.

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