LED Fixtures with Integrated Controls

GPG-024, AUGUST 2015

LED Fixtures with integrated advanced lighting controls dynamically determine light levels using onboard occupancy and daylight sensors. New plug-and-play fixtures installed at the Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building in Chicago and the Peachtree Summit Federal Building in Atlanta maintained lighting quality, achieved lighting energy savings of 69% over the GSA average, and yielded a 40% return on investment. Click on the infographic below to enlarge.

GPG Findings 024, August 2015, LED Fixtures with Integrated Advanced Lighting Controls. Opportunity: How much energycould be saved annually in the U.S. by converting recessed linear fluorescents to LED? 110.4TWh saved. Equivalent to 10 million homes. 1 TWh = average annual energy use of approximately 92,000 U.S. households. (Navigant Consulting Inc. April 2013 (Revised May 2013). Adoption of Light-Emitting Diodes in Common Lighting Applications) Technology: How do LED Fixtures with Integrated Lighting Controls work? LED FIXTURES WITH ONBOARD SENSORSDYNAMICALLY MANAGE LIGHTING USING OCCUPANCY SENSING AND DAYLIGHT HARVESTING; INTEGRATED CONTROLS REDUCE COMPLEXITY OF INSTALLATION AND SETUP. Measurement and Verification. Where did M and V occur? LAWRENCE BERKELEY NATIONAL LABORATORY assessed plug-and-play LED fixtures with Advanced Lighting Controls (ALC) at the Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building in Chicago and the Peachtree Summit Federal Building in Atlanta. Results: How did LED Fixtures with Integrated Controlsperform in M&V? 69% ENERGY SAVINGS OVER GSA AVERAGE: 41% from LED; 28% from ALC. (Retrofit Demonstration of LED Fixtures with Integrated Sensors and Controls, Francis Rubinstein (LBNL), July 2015, p.77). 40% RETURN ON INVESTMENT FOR GSA RETROFITS. 1.4 SIR at current estimated cost and utility rate of $.10 kWh (Ibid, p.18). 25% OF COST SAVINGS DUE TO REDUCED MAINTENANCE. LEDs last twice as long as fluorescent lamps (Ibid, p.18) Payback: Positive Return on Investment for Both Retrofits and Renovations. Retrofit SIR: Current cost with GSA average lighting use and $.10/kWh. 1.4 SIR—savings exceeds investment by 40%. Renovation and New Construction SIR: Current cost with GSA average lighting use and $.10/kWh. 4.4 SIR—savings exceeds investment by 340%. Deployment: RECOMMENDED FOR RENOVATIONS. Consider for retrofits; prioritize facilities with minimal lighting controls, lighting energy use > 3.25 kWh/ft2 and utility rates > $.10/kWh (national average). (Subject to evaluation and approval by GSA-IT and Security) [PDF - 250 KB]

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