Technology Deployments

Successful GPG technology evaluations lead to the deployment of energy-saving technologies throughout the GSA portfolio. To date, eighteen technologies have been identified as having broad deployment potential for GSA. As of 2016, ten technologies evaluated by GPG have been deployed in over 200 locations, resulting in annual energy savings of 274,000 MMBtu, and life-cycle energy cost avoidance of $105 million.

Technologies deployed and planned for deployment include:

Advanced Power Strips

Desk-based technologies and other electronics account for roughly 25% of a building’s electricity consumption and often continue to consume power even when turned off. Based on evaluation results that demonstrated a 26% reduction in workstation plug loads, more than 16,000 advanced power strips have been deployed throughout the GSA portfolio as of 2016.

Condensing Boilers*

Condensing boilers capture heat typically lost through steam, and were found to be cost-effective when just 3% to 5% more efficient than high-efficiency boilers. Based on the results of GPG’s evaluation, more than 60 condensing boilers have been deployed throughout the GSA portfolio as of 2016.

Control Optimization System for Chiller Plants

The control optimization system optimizes chiller plant performance by monitoring and controlling five interdependent systems. Based on evaluation results of 35% energy savings and payback under five years, six systems have been deployed at chiller plants throughout GSA's portfolio.

Hi-R Window Panel Retrofits*

Hi-R panel retrofits are installed on top of existing windows and were found to reduce heating loads by up to 41%. Based on results from GPG's evaluation, 3 million square feet of retrofits are planned in GSA's Northwest Region.

Linear LED Retrofits

Following a successful GPG assessment in GSA's Mid-Atlantic Region that demonstrated 27% energy savings, even light distribution and ease of installation, the Philadelphia VA Center deployed an additional 6000 fixtures.

LED Fixtures with Integrated Advanced Lighting Controls

LEDs with integrated controls technology were found to reduce lighting energy consumption by 69% for GSA buildings. The technology has been deployed alongside a Total Workplace space consolidation project at the 911 Federal Building in Portland, OR.

Variable-Speed Maglev Chiller*

Maglev chillers eliminate inefficiencies caused by friction, and demonstrate energy savings of 42%, compared to rotary-screw chillers. Based on the results of a GPG evaluation, almost 61 maglev chillers have been deployed throughout the GSA portfolio as of 2016, with an additional 77 pending installation.

Wireless Advanced Lighting Controls*

Wireless networking enables advanced lighting control (ALC) functionality without the expense of installing dedicated control wiring. Based on evaluation results of 54% energy savings, and increased flexibility in light levels, GSA's Pacific Rim Region is retrofitting 5 million square feet with wireless ALC.

Wireless Pneumatic Thermostats*

Wireless pneumatic thermostats can be retrofitted to an existing pneumatic control system to give the energy-conserving functionality of more contemporary control systems, such as direct digital controls (DDC), at a fraction of the cost. Based on evaluation results, 3 million square feet of space will be retrofitted with WPT in GSA's Northeast Region.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Data centers consume roughly two percent of all energy used in the United States. Based on evaluation results that showed a 48% reduction in cooling load and a 17% reduction in overall energy use, wireless sensor networks have been installed at four data centers in GSA's portfolio.

* Deployed through Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs)

The GPG program enables GSA to make sound investment decisions in next generation building technologies based on their real world performance.

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