Going Green with the Recovery Act

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is the most sweeping economic package in the history of the country, and is already at work providing essential financial relief for American families and businesses. GSA has been given an unprecedented opportunity to aid in this effort while working toward a new energy economy by investing in new, more energy-efficient vehicles for the federal fleet and by reinvesting in green federal buildings.


GSA was appropriated $300 million to replace older federal vehicles with new, more fuel-efficient ones and purchase advanced-technology buses and electric vehicles. These fleet upgrades will provide long-term environmental benefits and taxpayer savings through increased fuel-efficiency and use of alternative fuels. Download the Motor Vehicle Replacement Project Spend Plan.


Under the Recovery Act, GSA offers environmental services and products to federal agencies, helping to improve our nation’s energy usage and preserve the environment.


GSA was appropriated $5.5 billion to convert federal buildings into high-performance green buildings, and to build new energy-efficient federal buildings, courthouses and land ports of entry. These building projects will deliver lasting progress toward modernizing our nation’s infrastructure, reducing the federal government’s consumption of energy and water, and increasing its use of clean and renewable sources of energy. Download the Federal Buildings Fund Spend Plan.

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