Alternative Officing Information

About the Alternative Officing(AO) Program

AO is a key strategy for developing high performance and high quality workplaces to provide an information clearinghouse, tools, and incentives to jumpstart workplace improvement in federal agencies.

More Information on Alternative Workplace Solutions

Within the AO Program...

AO initiatives result in workplace improvements in areas such as:

  • Facility performance
  • Space utilization efficiency and effectiveness
  • Allocation, utilization, and flexibility of space to meet organizational needs
  • Workspace and work life quality
  • Individual and organizational performance
  • Technology utilization and return on investment

For more information, see the AO Library which includes AO Case Studies, Tools, and Relevant Laws and Research.

Request for Assistance

GSA seeks additional AO information for this website from any organization, public or private, that has an AO arrangement implemented, planned, or seriously considered.

Use the AO information template [DOC - 45 KB] to ensure all pertinent information is considered for submission. This contribution assists federal agencies and other organizations to update and improve workplace management and provides visibility to the contributing organization.

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Last Reviewed: 2019-03-20