Telework Overview

NEW! Visit the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security site for telework.NIST has issued standards and guidelines to assist with the protection of remote devices. Agencies should refer to NIST' s security telework site for more information.

About Telework Teleworking, sometimes called telecommuting or flexiplace, is an innovative business solution that enables employees to do productive work away from the traditional office. Modern technological advances have made it easier to work anytime, anywhere, and any place. This site provides technical support, consultation, and research on areas that deal with telework.

Within Telework…

Teleworking is a practical solution to environmental and other quality-of-life issues, as well as work-life challenges. The Office of Personnel Management and GSA are lead agencies for the federal teleworking initiative. The GSA Governmentwide Telework Team serves as the nexus for policy development, outreach, and collaborative partnerships to further the advancement of telework throughout the federal government. The Telework Team provides a variety of services such as:

  • Developing policy concerning the alternative workplace
  • Promoting telework to and networks with federal, private, and other customers
  • Offering technical support, consultation, research, and development to its customers

Telework Security

Agency personnel must be mindful of the special security needs for successful implementation and operation of telework programs. Visit the National Institute of Standards and Technology Computer Security Resource Center for the most up-to-date technical security information. In addition, agencies may find useful information in the Federal Management Regulation Bulletin 2007-B1 entitled: Information Technology and Telecommunications Guidelines for Telework and Other Alternative Workplace Arrangement Programs. [TXT - 33 KB]

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