Work at Home

Telework is the ability to do your work at a location other than your regular office. With the use of portable computers, high speed telecommunications, and mobile devices, many employees can work almost anywhere today. The possibilities include working from home, working from a telework center, or working from some other alternative location. The most common telework arrangement involves working from home.

It is your responsibility to set up and support the home office requirements associated with the work you will be doing, such as telecommunications, office automation equipment, and supplies. The choice of Internet and telephone service providers, and the procurement of these services is yours. You are also responsible for all charges for installation, maintenance, and repair of related equipment.

Remember the importance of being available and communicating with your supervisor, colleagues, and customers. Telework time is often more productive than "in the office" time because of reduced distractions and interruptions.

Last Reviewed: 2019-02-26