GSA Heartland Region Total Workplace Lab

region 6 mobility test bed
region 6 mobility test bed
region 6 mobility test bed
region 6 mobility test bed

The Heartland Region is creating a Mobility (High Performing Workplace) Test Bed. Our Test Bed concept is our clinical trial of sorts to research, experiment, and measure physical and organizational solutions for the mobile workplace. Rather than diving head first into extreme office space, we are conducting research of three different phases that explore different space allocations, sizes and office sharing not only to figure out what works for PBS, but what works for our customers. We believe that the roadmap to get most agencies from current space to the more mobile environment is lacking the critical element of organizational change management.

Our mission in the space is to use it as a tool for exploration and learning. Not only for PBS but as a tool for discussions with our tenant agencies, allowing them to observe the metamorphosis of space, engage, and personally work in the space.

The space will morph over three phases and each division will be assigned to the space for 2 months to try out a particular workstyle. Through each rotation we will have a dedicated number of workspaces where our tenant agencies can come and test drive the space. The ~6300 sf space previously housed approximately 24 associates including the regional Commissioners Office. The future space will house a combination of approximately 72 associates + customers. (The efficiency if you calculate the utilization rate drops from approximately 250usf/pp to 80 usf/pp) The space will be finished in the second week of January 2012 at which time the project team will reside there troubleshooting the space. The first Divisional rotation will occur in early February 2012.

Key Figures:

  • 42% Space Reduction: From 15,900 USF to 9,200 USF
  • 33 Tons: Annual reduction of CO2 (CWS Carbon Calc.)
  • 2:1 Desk Sharing Ratio (not incl. touchdown stations)
  • 105 USF / Person: Including support space. Allocation will improve to approx. 86 USF/Person upon completion of Phase II
  • $65 Thousand: Cost of Construction
  • $46 Thousand: Cost of workplace strategy services

Project Drivers:

1. A space in the region that exemplifies high performance workplace characteristics to aid our tenant agencies into mobility & other Alternative Work Solutions. 2. Determine the 'best fit' for PBS as we move forward with consolidations and future moves.

Project Goals:

The Test Bed will be a space for Heartland Region employees and customer agencies to test out and experiment with workplace concepts, sustainability and change management as related to a mobile workplace. It will serve PBS employees in the exploration of adaption to change as well as a tool to facilitate conversations and educate our customer agencies.

Collaboration with FAS:

Cabling, they along with Finance & HR will be invited to test drive the space

Change Management Process:

Followed Kotter's Change Management model as a framework, but compiled an internal project team dedicated to change management activities that include: Team Presentations, Mobility Power Hours, Paper Purges, etc.

Project Team:

Mobility Geniuses: PMs: Heather Edwards-Matney & Jane Schuster, Construction PM: Will Geiger;
COR: Danielle Wiesner, Communications Specialist: Stan Austin;
IT Specialist: Jennifer McLaughlin & Jon Owens;
Change Management Leads: Janelle Agnos, Terrance Cowely;
Customer Outreach: Karla Wallace, Wendy Dent, Crystal Powers;
Contract Specialists:Terrance Cowley & Crystal Martin;
Team Member Geniuses: Michelle Dellinger, Kevin Livingston, James Iliff, Jeff Dwyer, Audra Harrison, Abbe Godsey, Jessica Wehling, Nikki Monnig

Last Reviewed: 2018-02-08