Title 41--Public Contracts and Property Management



TEXT PDF101-45.000 Scope of part.
TEXT PDF101-45.001 Requests for deviations.
TEXT PDF101-45.101 Applicability.
TEXT PDF101-45.102 Needs of Federal agencies paramount.
TEXT PDF101-45.103 Sales responsibilities.
TEXT PDF101-45.103-1 Conduct of sales.
TEXT PDF101-45.103-2 Holding agency sales.
TEXT PDF101-45.103-3 Sales by GSA.
TEXT PDF101-45.103-4 Sales conducted at holding agency facilities.
TEXT PDF101-45.104 Care and handling pending disposal.
TEXT PDF101-45.105 Exclusions and exemptions.
TEXT PDF101-45.105-1 Materials required for the national stockpile or the supplemental stockpile, or under the Defense Production Act.
TEXT PDF101-45.105-2 Disposal of certain vessels.
TEXT PDF101-45.105-3 Exemptions.
TEXT PDF101-45.106 Property controlled by other law.
TEXT PDF101-45.107 Holding agency compliance function.
TEXT PDF101-45.107-1 Referral to other Government agencies.
TEXT PDF101-45.107-2 Compliance reports.
TEXT PDF101-45.300 Scope of subpart.
TEXT PDF101-45.302 Sale to Government employees.
TEXT PDF101-45.303 Reporting property for sale.
TEXT PDF101-45.303-1 Describing property.
TEXT PDF101-45.303-2 Display and inspection.
TEXT PDF101-45.303-3 Delivery.
TEXT PDF101-45.304 Sales methods and procedures.
TEXT PDF101-45.304-1 Competitive bid sales.
TEXT PDF101-45.304-2 Negotiated sales and negotiated sales at fixed prices.
TEXT PDF101-45.304-4 Lotting.
TEXT PDF101-45.304-5 Inspection by bidders.
TEXT PDF101-45.304-6 Reviewing authority.
TEXT PDF101-45.304-7 Advertising.
TEXT PDF101-45.304-8 Forms prescribed.
TEXT PDF101-45.304-9 Credit.
TEXT PDF101-45.304-10 Deposits and final payments.
TEXT PDF101-45.304-11 Deposit bonds.
TEXT PDF101-45.304-12 Sales to State and local governments.
TEXT PDF101-45.306 Contractor inventory.
TEXT PDF101-45.307 Proceeds from sales.
TEXT PDF101-45.309 Special classes of property.
TEXT PDF101-45.309-1 Agricultural commodities.
TEXT PDF101-45.309-2 Hazardous materials.
TEXT PDF101-45.309-3 Demilitarization and decontamination.
TEXT PDF101-45.309-5 Garbage.
TEXT PDF101-45.309-8 Bedding and upholstered furniture.
TEXT PDF101-45.309-9 Gold.
TEXT PDF101-45.309-10 Safes and locking file cabinets.
TEXT PDF101-45.309-12 Vehicle reconditioning.
TEXT PDF101-45.309-13 All terrain vehicles.
TEXT PDF101-45.310 Antitrust laws.
TEXT PDF101-45.311 Assistance in controlling unauthorized transport of property.
TEXT PDF101-45.313 Procedures and forms concerning contingent or other fees for soliciting or securing contracts.
TEXT PDF101-45.313-1 Purpose.
TEXT PDF101-45.313-2 Objectives and methods.
TEXT PDF101-45.313-3 Representation and covenant.
TEXT PDF101-45.313-4 General principles and standards applicable to the covenant.
TEXT PDF101-45.313-5 Standard Form 119, Contractor's Statement of Contingent or Other Fees.
TEXT PDF101-45.313-6 Use of Standard Form 119, Contractor's Statement of Contingent or Other Fees.
TEXT PDF101-45.313-7 Exceptions.
TEXT PDF101-45.313-8 Enforcement.
TEXT PDF101-45.313-9 Preservation of records.
TEXT PDF101-45.314 Federal excise taxes.
TEXT PDF101-45.315 Equal Opportunity clause in contracts.
TEXT PDF101-45.317 Noncollusive bids and proposals.
TEXT PDF101-45.318 Identical bids.
TEXT PDF101-45.400 Scope of subpart.
TEXT PDF101-45.401 The disputes clause.
TEXT PDF101-45.402 Alternative disputes resolution.
TEXT PDF101-45.600 Scope of subpart.
TEXT PDF101-45.601 Policy.
TEXT PDF101-45.602 Listing debarred or suspended contractors.
TEXT PDF101-45.700 Scope of subpart.
TEXT PDF101-45.701 Responsiveness of bids.
TEXT PDF101-45.702 Time of bid submission.
TEXT PDF101-45.703 Late bids.
TEXT PDF101-45.703-1 General.
TEXT PDF101-45.703-2 Consideration for award.
TEXT PDF101-45.703-3 Telegraphic bids.
TEXT PDF101-45.703-4 Handcarried bids.
TEXT PDF101-45.703-5 Disposition of late bids.
TEXT PDF101-45.703-6 Records.
TEXT PDF101-45.704 Modification or withdrawal of bids.
TEXT PDF101-45.705 Late modifications and withdrawals.
TEXT PDF101-45.800 Scope of subpart.
TEXT PDF101-45.801 General.
TEXT PDF101-45.802 Apparent clerical mistakes.
TEXT PDF101-45.803 Other mistakes disclosed before award.
TEXT PDF101-45.804 Mistakes disclosed after award.
TEXT PDF101-45.805 Mistakes disclosed after award in negotiated sales.
TEXT PDF101-45.900 Cross-reference to the Federal Management Regulation (FMR) (41 CFR chapter 102, parts 102-1 through 102-220).
TEXT PDF101-45.1000 Scope of subpart.
TEXT PDF101-45.1001 General.
TEXT PDF101-45.1002 Agency responsibilities.
TEXT PDF101-45.1002-1 Precious metals recovery surveys.
TEXT PDF101-45.1002-3 Precious metals recovery program monitor.
TEXT PDF101-45.1002-4 Internal audits.
TEXT PDF101-45.1003 Recovery of silver from precious metals bearing materials.
TEXT PDF101-45.1003-1 Guidelines for the recovery of silver from used hypo solution and scrap film.
TEXT PDF101-45.1003-2 Recovery of silver from used hypo solution.
TEXT PDF101-45.1003-3 Recovery of silver from scrap film.
TEXT PDF101-45.1004 Recovery and use of precious metals through the DOD Precious Metals Recovery Program.
TEXT PDF101-45.1004-1 Civil agency participation in the DOD Precious Metals Recovery Program.
TEXT PDF101-45.1004-2 Use of DOD-recovered fine precious metals.
TEXT PDF101-45.4700 Scope of subpart.
TEXT PDF101-45.4702 Negotiated sales reports.
TEXT PDF101-45.4800 Scope of subpart.
TEXT PDF101-45.4801 Instructions for the preparation of advance notice to the Department of Commerce.
TEXT PDF101-45.4802 Sample format--irrevocable letter of credit.
TEXT PDF101-45.4803 General instructions for preparation of irrevocable letter of credit.
TEXT PDF101-45.4804 Sample format--draft drawn against irrevocable letter of credit.
TEXT PDF101-45.4805 Sample format--transmittal letter to accompany letter of credit.
TEXT PDF101-45.4806 Outline for preparation of explanatory statement relative to negotiated sales.
TEXT PDF101-45.4808 State health agencies.
TEXT PDF101-45.4900 Scope of subpart.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901 Standard forms.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-28 Standard Form 28, Affidavit of Individual Surety.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-97 Standard Form 97, The United States Government Certificate to Obtain Title to a Vehicle.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-97-1 Instructions for use of Standard Form 97.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-114 Standard Form 114, Sale of Government Property--Bid and Award.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-114A Standard Form 114A, Sale of Government Property--Item Bid Page--Sealed Bid.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-114B Standard Form 114B, Sale of Government Property--Item Bid Page--Sealed Bid.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-114C Standard Form 114C, Sale of Government Property--General Sale Terms and Conditions.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-114C-1 Standard Form 114C-1, Sale of Government Property--Special Sealed Bid Conditions.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-114C-2 Standard Form 114C-2, Sale of Government Property--Special Sealed Bid--Term Conditions.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-114C-3 Standard Form 114C-3, Sale of Government Property--Special Spot Bid Conditions.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-114C-4 Standard Form 114C-4, Sale of Government Property--Special Auction Conditions.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-114D Standard Form 114D, Sale of Government Property--Amendment of Invitation for Bids/Modification of Contract.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-114E Standard Form 114E, Sale of Government Property--Negotiated Sales Contract.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-114F Standard Form 114F, Sale of Government Property--Item Bid Page--Spot Bid or Auction.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-126 Standard Form 126, Report of Personal Property for Sale.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-126A Standard Form 126A, Report of Personal Property for Sale (Continuation Sheet).
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-150 Standard Form 150, Deposit Bond--Individual Invitation, Sale of Government Personal Property.
TEXT PDF101-45.4901-151 Standard Form 151, Deposit Bond--Annual, Sale of Government Personal Property.
TEXT PDF101-45.4902 GSA forms.
TEXT PDF101-45.4902-27 GSA Form 27, Notice of Award (Sale of Government-Owned Personal Property).
TEXT PDF101-45.4902-27A GSA Form 27A, Notice of Award--Continuation.
TEXT PDF101-45.4903 Optional forms.
TEXT PDF101-45.4903-15 Optional Form 15, poster, Sale of Government Property.
TEXT PDF101-45.4903-16 Optional Form 16, Sales Slip, Sale of Government Personal Property.
TEXT PDF101-45.4903-20 Optional Form 20, Notice to Surety--Deposit Bond--Annual Sale of Government Personal Property.