Maximum Per Diem Rates for Montana, New York, Ohio, and Texas

Summary: The General Services Administration (GSA) has reviewed the lodging rates of certain locations in the States of Montana, New York, Ohio and Texas, and determined that the current lodging rates are inadequate.

Action: An analysis of lodging rate survey data reveals that the maximum per diem rate for the State of Montana, cities of Butte, including Silver Bow County, Missoula, including Missoula County, Polson/Kalispell, including Lake and Flathead Counties; State of New York, city of Schenectady, including Schenectady County; State of Ohio, city of Fairborn; and the State of Texas, city of Killeen, including Bell County, should be adjusted to provide for the reimbursement of Federal employees' lodging expenses covered by the per diem. This bulletin amends the FY 2004 per diem rates (see the Federal Register notice at 68 FR 52035, August 29, 2003, and Per Diem Bulletin 04-1) by increasing the per diem rate in the prescribed areas.

Effective: This bulletin is effective April 20, 2004, and applies to travel performed on or after May 5, 2004.

Point of Contact: For clarification of content, contact Patrick McConnell, Office of Governmentwide Policy, Travel Management Policy, at (202) 501-2362. Please cite FTR Per Diem Bulletin 04-3.

Background Information

(A) After an analysis of the per diem rates established for FY 2004, GSA has determined that current lodging and meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) allowances for certain localities do not adequately reflect the cost of lodging in those areas.

(B) Per diem rates are published on the Internet at as an FTR Per Diem Bulletin and published in the Federal Register on a periodic basis. This bulletin gives notice of a revision in the per diem rates prescribed by the Office of Governmentwide Policy (OGP) for the continental United States (CONUS). Per Diem Bulletins published periodically in the Federal Register now constitute the only notification of revisions in CONUS per diem rates to agencies. These are the changes constituted by this Bulletin:

Maximum per diem rates for official travel in the continental United States (CONUS) by Federal Government employees as prescribed in FTR Per Diem Bulletin 04-1:
Locality County and/or other defined location Lodging Amount
M&IE Rate
+ (B)
Maximum Per Diem Rate
= (C)
Butte Silver Bow County $63 $31 $94
Missoula Missoula County  
(Nov 01-Apr 30)   $60 $31 $91
(May 01-Oct 31)   $77 $31 $108
Polson/Kalispell Lake and Flathead  
(June 01-Sep 30)*   $83 $35 $118
(Oct 01-May 31)   $59 $35 $94
Schenectady Schenectady County $74 $31 $105
Fairborn (delete entry)
Dayton/Fairborn Montgomery, Greene and Darke Counties, Wright-Patterson AFB $72 $35 $107
Killeen Bell $62 $35 $97

Dated: 4-14-2004

G. Martin Wagner
Associate Administrator