[FTR Per Diem Bulletin 03-1]

Federal Travel Regulation; Maximum Per Diem Rates for Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia

AGENCY:  Office of Governmentwide Policy, General Services Administration (GSA).

ACTION:  Notice of revised continental United States (CONUS) per diem rates.

SUMMARY:  To improve the ability of the per diem rates to meet the lodging demands of Federal travelers to high cost travel locations, the General Services Administration (GSA) has integrated the contracting mechanism of the new Federal Premier Lodging Program (FPLP) into the per diem rate-setting process. An analysis of FPLP contracting actions and the lodging rate survey data reveals that the maximum per diem rate for the State of Kentucky, cities of Hebron/Florence/Covington, including Boone and Kenton  Counties; State of North Carolina, city of Chapel Hill, including Orange County, city of Raleigh, including Wake County, and cities of Research Triangle Park/Durham, including Durham County; State of Ohio, city of Cincinnati, including Hamilton and Warren Counties; and State of Virginia, city of Colonial Heights (independent city); city of Hopewell (independent city), city of Petersburg (independent city), Prince George County, and city of Richmond (independent city, but includes Chesterfield and Henrico Counties, also Defense Supply Center), should be adjusted to provide for the reimbursement of Federal employees’ lodging expenses covered by the per diem. This bulletin amends the final rule published in the Federal Register on August 30, 2002 and amended on November 18, 2002 by adjusting the maximum lodging amounts in the prescribed areas.

DATES:         This bulletin is effective May 27, 2003, and applies to travel performed on or after that date.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For clarification of content, contact Joddy P. Garner, Office of Governmentwide Policy, Travel Management Policy, at (202) 501-4857.  Please cite FTR Per Diem Bulletin 03-1.


A.  Background

    In the past, properties in high cost travel areas have been under no obligation to provide lodging to Federal travelers at the prescribed per diem rate. Thus, GSA established the FPLP to contract directly with properties in high cost travel markets to make available a set number of rooms to Federal travelers at contract rates. FPLP contract results along with the lodging survey data are integrated together to determine reasonable per diem rates that more

accurately reflect lodging costs in these areas. In addition, the FPLP will enhance the Government’s ability to better meet its overall room night demand, and allow travelers to find lodging close to where they need to conduct business. After an analysis of this additional data, the maximum lodging amounts published in the Federal Register at 67 FR 56160, August 30, 2002 and amended at 67 FR 69634, November 18, 2002, are being changed in those areas listed in the Summary, above.

B.  Change in standard procedure

    Per diem rates change more frequently than other information contained in the FTR.  Effective December 17, 2002, GSA changed the travel authority to allow the Office of Governmentwide Policy (OGP), GSA, to issue/publish per diem rates separately from the FTR.  FTR Per Diem Bulletins supersede Appendix A to Chapter 301 (41 CFR Chapter 301). This will ensure timely notification of any increase or decrease in per diem rates established by GSA for Federal employees on official travel within the continental United States (CONUS).  Per diem rates will be published on the internet at as an FTR Per Diem Bulletin and published in the Federal Register on a periodic basis. This bulletin gives notice of revisions in per diem rates prescribed by OGP for CONUS. Per Diem Bulletins published periodically in the Federal Register now

constitute the only notification of revisions in CONUS per diem rates to agencies. The text of the Bulletin follows:


Maximum per diem rates for official travel in the continental United States (CONUS) by Federal Government employees as prescribed in FTR Per Diem Bulletin 03-1:



                            Lodging  M&IE    Per Diem

Locality                    Amount   Rate    Rate

(A)         +  (B)  =  (C)




(Remove the entry for Covington (Kenton County) at $80)


Hebron/Florence/Covington (Boone and Kenton Counties)

                            $80    +  $42  =  $122




Chapel Hill (Orange County)     $82     +  $42  =  $124


Raleigh (Wake County)             $82     +  $42  =  $124


Research Triangle Park/Durham (Durham County)

                                   $82     +  $46  =  $128




Cincinnati (Hamilton and Warren Counties)

                                   $80     +  $50  =  $130




Colonial Heights (independent city)

                                   $80     +  $34  =  $114


Hopewell (independent city)     $69     +  $34  =  $103


Petersburg (independent city)     $69     +  $34  =  $103


Prince George County              $69     +  $34  =  $103


Richmond (independent city, but includes Chesterfield and Henrico Counties, also Defense Supply Center)

                                   $80     +  $42  =  $122


  Dated: May 2, 2003





G. Martin Wagner

Associate Administrator