Acquisition Planning I, Acquisition Planning II

Contract Formation I, Contract Formation II

Contract Administration I, Contract Administration II

Cost Analysis, Contract Law

Price Analysis, Intermediate Contract Pricing

Negotiation Techniques

Equivalency Between Old GSA Courses and Current GSA Courses

Old GSA Course                            equal to                     Current GSA Course

Introduction to Contracting
plus Procurement Planning                                              Acquisition Planning I

Contracting By Negotiation                                             Contract Formation I

Basic Contract Administration                                         Contract Administration I

Cost Analysis                                                                    Cost Analysis

Price Analysis                                                                    Price Analysis

Negotiation Techniques                                                     Negotiation Techniques

No previous course equivalency                                        Acquisition Planning II

Source Selection                                                                 Contract Formation II

Advanced Contract Administration
plus Contract Termination                                                 Contract Administration II

Contract Law                                                                      Contract Law

No previous course equivalency                                        Intermediate Contract Pricing

Contact Acquisition Workforce