Clarkson S. Fisher U.S. Courthouse, Trenton, NJ

The exterior of the Trenton Federal Building is a well executed design with a "Stripped Neo-Classical" form featuring both Classical and Art Deco terra cotta detailing and fine grillwork. The interior of the building includes fine marble, brass, copper and tile finishes, "New Deal Art" murals by Charles Wells, and impressive, almost completely intact courtrooms, public corridors and judges’ chambers.

The Clarkson S. Fisher U.S. Courthouse (hereafter “the courthouse”) was designed by James A. Wetmore and was originally constructed in 1931-32 as a post office and federal courthouse. It is significant as a large WPA project and as one of the few federal courthouses and post office buildings in New Jersey of that era (along with Camden and Newark). Despite some changes, the exterior of this fine building still firmly communicates its original design and civic presence. The primary character defining interior spaces of the building, including grand public corridors, stately court rooms and judges’ chambers, are intact.

Description Architect
1931 1932 Date of original construction Wetmore, James A.
1991 Clean "copper bridge"
1991 Exterior railing restoration
Last Reviewed: 2021-08-27