Dolly Madison House (1520 H Street), Washington, DC

The Dolley Madison House, a simple, three-story buff colored stucco building, is a quintessential example of the reserved Federal style of architecture. The house, located at the southeast corner of Madison Place and H Street, was built in 1818-20 by Richard Cutts, Dolley Madison's brother-in-law. Cutts borrowed the money for the construction from James Madison, who'd recently ended his tenure as the fourth president of the United States.

In 1829, after Cutts had lost most of his fortune in unsuccessful business ventures, ownership of the house reverted to President Madison, who never lived in it. Upon his death in 1836, his wife inherited the property and owned it until her death.

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Structure is part of the Lafayette Square National Historic Landmark District

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1820 Original Construction
Last Reviewed: 2021-08-27