Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, Erie, PA

The Federal Building and Courthouse is a three-story, classicaly styled, 'L'-shaped structure, sheathed in Indiana limestone. The flat roof of the building is screened by a parapet. The subtle incorporation of various other building materials breaks the monotony of the limestone. The base of the building, as well as the entrances, are trimmed in polished black granite. The windows are finished with slate, and carved soapstone spandrels along the second floor. The interior is organized around a '+'-shaped corridor system. The principal spaces include the U.S.P.S. Lobby, the Main Corridors, and Courtrooms "A" and "B" on the second floor.

During the Depression, the Federal Government embarked on a dramatic and far-reaching program to erect new courthouses and post offices throughout the country. The Erie Federal Building is a product of that system, and its Moderne-influence classical design reflects the stylistic features and typical design elements that are characteristic of the smaller, federally commissioned buildings of the period. Locally, it marks the high point of Erie's growth and economic and regional significance.

Description Architect
1936 1937 Original construction. Rudolph Stanley-Brown
Last Reviewed: 2017-08-13