U.S. Border Station Cattle Inspection, Derby Line, VT

The one-story, hip-roofed frame outbuilding is constructed on a poured slab floor and shallow raised foundation to the west of the main station building and the north of the station garage. Fenestration is symmetrical on each facade. Cattle enter and exit the building through large batten doors on the north facade, divided by a cattle pen and run that is sheltered under a shed roof. Inspector's enter the building through a glazed paneled door at the center of the south facade. Eight-pane inswing hopper sash, and four-pane square barn sash are used in the windows. The exterior is clad with aluminum siding.

The interior floor is smooth finished cement, with painted fiberboard walls and ceilings. Low galvanized rails are used to route livestock through the building interior.

Documentation on the construction of this building is scant and contradictory. Information on file with GSA/Boston office indicates that the building was possibly constructed as early as 1932, but the building is absent from the station's original and revised site plans, and a proposed planting plan dated 1935. The building is nearly identical to the Cattle Inspection Building at the Highgate Springs Station, which is believed to have been constructed in the 1950's. The building is probably contemporary with the extension of the Derby Line property to the north around 1951.

Description Architect
1932 Original Construction Louis A. Simon, of the Treasury
Last Reviewed: 2021-09-20