U.S. Border Station Garage, Alburg Springs, VT

The two-bay service building, located to the southwest of the border station building, is approached from the highway by a drive. The building, which faces east, is a simple, gable-roofed one-story structure with a small lean-to addition added to the west. As originally built, the building clapboard-clad building contained multi-glazed sash and cross-buck doors. The interior is unfinished, with full dimension wall and roof framing exposed throughout. The building is presently clad with vinyl siding, and the front doors have been replaced.

The garage is a vernacular frame service structure that complements the Colonial Revival design of the border station building. The garage retains its original sash and general form, but has been altered from its original appearance by the replacement of its original cross-buck doors with the existing wood overhung units, construction of a small lean-to extension to the west, and installation of substitute siding.

Description Architect
1937 Original Construction Louis A. Simon, of the Treasury
Last Reviewed: 2021-09-20