U.S. Border Station Garage, Beebe Plains, VT

The detached gable-roofed, frame garage is located to the northeast of the station building. The garage, which faces north, is approached by a short drive from Canusa Street. The one-story building is two bays wide by one-bay deep. Major alterations to the building include the installation of insulated aluminum siding over the original cladding, and replacement of original cross-buck garage doors with the existing paneled units. The interior is not finished.

The small, vernacular frame garage complements the simple Colonial Revival design of the border station. The garage retains its original rectilinear plan, simple form and divided light sash. The garage was built according to standardized plans used at other contemporary border stations.

Description Architect
1937 Original Construction Louis A. Simon, of the Treasury
Last Reviewed: 2021-09-20