U.S. Border Station Garage, Derby Line, VT

The former inspection shed is a one-story, frame building constructed on a poured concrete foundation and massed beneath a long hip-roof. The building, which measures eight-bays wide by one-bay deep and faces north, is located to the southwest of the main building, along the southern edge of the site. Original windows, present on the south, east and west facades, contain 12-over-12 double-hung sash, which are paired in the end elevations.

The interior retains its original, open plan. The floor is surfaced with asphalt paving, and walls are finished with original matched board paneling. The ceiling is finished with fiberboard insulating panels. The interior is heated by an original pipe coil radiator, and lighted with original incandescent pendant fixtures.

Alterations from the original finishes include the installation of simulated clapboard aluminum siding over original clapboards, and replacement of paneled wood garage doors with the existing green fiberglass units.

The garage at the Derby Line border station is a well preserved example of a Prohibition-era inspection shed. Located along the southern edge of the site, the eight-bay building, which is furnished with multi-pane sash, complements the Georgian Revival design of the main building. The garage is similar in program to the four-bay wings flanking most contemporary border stations, including an inspection pit. The building retains its original plan, form, window and interior finishes. Major changes include the installation of simulated clapboard substitute siding over the original clapboards, and replacement of the original paneled doors.

Description Architect
1931 Original Construction Louis A. Simon, of the Treasury
Last Reviewed: 2021-09-20