New Administrator to Historic Blizzard: Bring it On!

A series of severe winter storms that halted travel in the nation’s capital failed to delay the swearing in of Martha Johnson as GSA’s 19th administrator.

Advancing the agency’s reputation as a telework leader, Johnson took the official oath of office by telephone on February 7. Acting Administrator Stephen Leeds performed the ceremony with Johnson’s husband serving as the official witness. The phone call was the culmination to a lengthy confirmation process and positioned Johnson to lead GSA during one of the most momentous times in the agency’s history.

Among the new administrator’s first official acts was to issue a message to GSA employees, many of whom continued to telework during record-breaking snowstorms in Washington, DC. “GSA never sleeps at a time like this – we answer the call to support the government and the nation,” she said.

GSA has been a driving force behind telework ever since the establishment of “Flexiplace,” the first governmentwide telework initiative. GSA, in partnership with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, develops policies and procedures, and shares best practices with other federal agencies

GSA signed its current telework policy in April 2008, allowing eligible employees to telework at least one day per work week. Telework increases efficiency and effectiveness while also providing employees with increased work-life balance. Recognized as a “green” energy-savings program that reduces traffic on overtaxed roads and reduces emissions, telework programs have also been praised as a tool for recruitment and retention.

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