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President Obama's $675 Million for GSA Budget Promotes Cost Savings through Innovative Sustainability and Efficiency Initiatives

Agency's programs will create a more open, collaborative, and participatory government

February 1, 2010
Contact: Caren Auchman, (202) 525-8165

WASHINGTON – The U.S. General Services Administration hails key investments in advancing taxpayer savings through sustainability and government efficiency in President Obama’s $675 million budget for the agency.

“The President’s budget for GSA will build on a historic year for the agency in increased sustainability to make federal buildings more efficient, cost effective, and save taxpayer dollars,” said GSA Acting Administrator Stephen R. Leeds. “Through investments that will enhance governmentwide information systems, the President’s budget will allow GSA to fund innovative IT solutions to further reduce costs by opening up the government to citizens, creating collaboration across government, and funding information technology solutions that increase speed and efficiency in government operations.”

GSA’s Recovery Act program has allowed the agency to modernize the nation’s federal building infrastructure through energy efficiency improvements to federal buildings and the federal vehicle fleet. This budget will help GSA to further green federal buildings across the country by appropriating approximately $4 million to advance GSA’s high-performance green buildings program, $20 million to increase the energy and water efficiency of building systems, and $7 million to upgrade and improve space in federal buildings to support the president’s employee wellness initiative.

The President's budget also continues funding for a citizen engagement platform, which will provide all federal agencies with a toolbox of new solutions to connect citizens to their government. This budget will also allow GSA to continue to use new and innovative technologies to make government more open, transparent, and accountable to the American people through $20.5 million for enhancements to governmentwide information systems that will improve the quality, speed, and accessibility of data sets delivered to the public.

Within the aggregate request, $354 million is requested as net budget authority for the Federal Building Fund, and $321 million is requested for GSA’s operating appropriations. GSA’s FY 2011 budget request includes $9.1billion in New Obligational Authority for the Federal Building Fund, and calls for an appropriation to the fund of $291.9 million to supplement anticipated revenues of $8.9 billion. The Federal Buildings Fund request would support a capital investment program of $1.4 billion, including $676 million for new construction and acquisition, and $703 million for repairs and alterations.

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