Update for WillowWood

Friday June 6, 2008

All IT systems impacted by the Willow Wood power outage have been restored to normal operations. This includes email, Enable and TOS/OMIS. If you are experiencing problems connecting to OMIS please log-out and then log back on to OMIS. If you still cannot connect to OMIS, log off and log back on to your PC. The phones that are serviced by the PBX located in Willow Wood are not working and will not be operational until building power has been fully restored. This includes all phones in Willow Wood and phone service for many of the Assisted Acquisition Service employees who recently moved from Metro Park to Crystal City. We are working diligently with the service providers to restore the power and phone service at Willow Wood and fully expect these services to be up and running this weekend.

The Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer has authorized the use of Administrative leave for June 5 and June 6 for the FAS employees that work at Willow Wood. The Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer has also advised that employees in a position to do so, may be allowed to telework during this situation.

All FAS employees that work at Willow Wood should plan on reporting to Willow Wood Monday morning to resume your normal work schedule. Please continue to check for any updates to this status at www.gsa.gov or by calling the COOP Hotline at (866) 998-2667.

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