GSA Releases New Contract Documents

Contract Posted to to Promote Transparency and Accountability

July 31, 2009

Contacts: Robert Lesino, 202-501-1231

Chris Hoagland, 202-501-1231

WASHINGTON – In a major step toward developing a state-of-the-art website that provides the public with a user-friendly portal to see how recovery money is being spent, the U.S. General Services Administration, on behalf of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, recently awarded Smartronix Inc. with a contract to build the new website.

GSA, in cooperation with the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, has released the contract documents and they have been posted on

Through the use of innovative new technology, approachable design, and powerful data analysis and reporting tools, the new will provide citizens and communities with easy access to information on recovery spending, thus increasing government transparency and accountability.

The contract award for the new is part of this effort. Included in the information posted to are the contractual documents, the Statement of Objectives, the contractor's management and technical proposal which were incorporated into the task order, and a pricing summary.

Consistent with the release of these types of documents, they were carefully reviewed to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. Proprietary information about Smartronix and its partners has been redacted pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552(B)(4), which allows for the withholding of certain commercial or financial records if the release of such records would involve a substantial risk of competitive injury to a business.

Information that qualifies for redaction can include private business sales statistics, technical design, research data, non federal customer and supplier lists, overhead and operating costs, non-public financial statements, resumes of company employees, names of consultants and subcontractors, details of production or quality control systems information, internal operating procedures, staffing patterns and any information that may place a company at a competitive disadvantage for future procurements.

We take our responsibility to implement the Recovery Act in an open and transparent manner very seriously.

The following three groups of documents have been posted on at

Initial Award of Contract This group consists of three documents:
1- The GSA Form 300 that formally awarded the project to build the new to Smartronix, Inc. It required Smartronix’s work to be performed according to the attached Statement of Work. It also approved funding totaling $9.5 Million for development and implementation of the website (Contract Line Item 1), and development and implementation of a parallel Continuation of Operations (COOP) Site (Contract Line Item 80).
2- The Pricing Description that lists all awarded and optional Contract Line Items.
3- The Statement of Work that details the work Smartronix was expected to perform.

First Contract Modification (administrative) This group consists of one document:
1- The GSA form 300 that corrected accounting coding information and specified a period of performance for the contract.

Second Contract Modification This group consists of five documents:
1- The Standard Form 30 that clarified information in the initial award document by defining limits for certain expenses the contractor can charge to the government, and requiring that they perform work according to the requirements of the original Statement of Objectives, the contractor's Management Proposal, and the contractor's Technical Proposal.
2- The Pricing Description that lists all awarded and optional Contract Line Items, and establishes limits for travel, ancillary and support expenses that can be charged to the government.
3- The Statement of Objectives issued by GSA to solicit proposals from firms on the Alliant Governmentwide Contract, detailing the requirements and objectives of the new
4- The Technical Proposal submitted by Smartronix detailing how the company proposed to meet the requirements and objectives.
5- The Management Proposal submitted by Smartronix detailing how the company proposed to meet the requirements and objectives.


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