GSA Offers Free Use of Telework Centers to Feds

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Posted February 26, 2007

In an effort to encourage federal managers to test the feasibility of telework instead of fighting daily commuter traffic, GSA is offering from now through September 2007 free use of its 14 telework centers for federal supervisors, managers, and senior executives. The 14 centers are located in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

From data collected from the Telework Exchange and the Federal Managers Association, GSA found that the use of its 14 telework centers saved commuters from traveling nearly 2.8 million miles, which, in turn, saved almost 115 thousand gallons of fuel, and avoided 2.3 million pounds of emissions.

GSA’s free offer is good only until September 30, 2007 and only first-time users of a telework center are eligible to participate. Managers must register to use a telework center between now and May 4, 2007.

Registration Form

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