GSA Initiates Final Implementation of FAS

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Posted October 13, 2006

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has taken the next important step in implementing the new Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). On October 12, 2006, GSA Administrator Lurita Doan signed a new GSA Order finalizing the FAS organizational structure. The Order announces 10 national office-level organizations reporting to the Commissioner in FAS Central Office and provides for 11 FAS Regions.

The Order addresses the detailed organizational structure for FAS Central Office. Within 30 days, GSA anticipates finalizing the FAS regional organization structures, and a second Order will implement these changes.

The new FAS organization structure includes 10 portfolios:

  • Office of General Supplies and Services.
    Acquires a broad range of commercial products and certain professional services, as well as specialized logistics-based activities.

  • Office of Travel, Motor Vehicle, and Card Services.
    Operates with respective supplier industries, but shares commonalities for customers that provide opportunities for synergy and scale.

  • Office of Integrated Technology Services.
    Establishes a managed portfolio of integrated technology products and service offerings.

  • Office of Assisted Acquisition Services.
    This organization will enable a stronger relationship with the FAS regional structure for an improved customer experience.

  • Office of Customer Accounts and Research.
    Enables FAS to better understand customer requirements and become a strategic partner in helping agencies meet their responsibilities.

  • Office of Acquisition Management.
    Ensures that FAS activities are fully compliant with all laws, regulations and policies, and that operating practices are consistent across business lines.

  • Office of Strategic Business Planning and Process Improvement.
    Consolidates strategic planning and business improvement functions.

  • Office of the Controller.
    Provides financial management and analysis support to drive financial and budget planning and execution.

  • Office of the Chief Information Officer.
    Develops and manages applications and systems to support business needs of FAS business lines and staff offices.

  • Office of Administration.
    Combines human capital and administrative management with internal and external communications and employee development.

The Order follows the President’s approval of H.R. 2066, the General Services Administration Modernization Act. This law authorizes the creation of FAS by combining the former Federal Technology Service (FTS) and Federal Supply Service (FSS) into a single acquisition and procurement organization. It also permits GSA to combine the existing General Supply Fund and IT Fund into a single Acquisition Services Fund. These changes will improve customer service and focus while providing greater career opportunities for employees. The changes will also provide greater business accountability, increase efficiencies, allow more innovation and achieve greater standardization within FAS and with external industry partners. GSA, through FAS, is perfectly positioned to support the President’s Management Agenda by providing 21st Century products and services to its Federal agency customers.

Information on future FAS developments will be available at GSA's Homepage

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