GSA Promotes Energy Awareness Month

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October is Energy Awareness Month, and GSA is promoting energy conservation at work, in homes, at school, and for people on-the-go.

Posted October 11, 2007

The federal government, as the single largest domestic user of energy, spends more than $9 billion to power its vehicles, operations, and approximately 500,000 facilities throughout the United States. It saves tax dollars if federal facilities use efficient energy management at federal facilities. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, protects the environment and natural resources, and contributes to our national security.

Regulations such as the Energy Policy Act of 2005 require federal agencies to meet a number of energy and water management reduction goals. Other more recent presidential executive orders and directives state that "the federal government should set a good example of conservation by reducing its own energy use."

There are many ways to promote energy savings. One simple way is to publicize energy saving tips via handouts, newsletters, emails, and other means. Federal agencies can also display posters carrying energy-saving reminders in hallways and other high traffic areas.

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