GSA Announces Detailed Organizational Design Plan For FAS

Posted August 4, 2005

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Administrator Stephen A. Perry today announced the detailed organizational design plan for reorganizing the Federal Technology Service (FTS) and Federal Supply Service (FSS) into the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).

“This reorganization is a very important part of the overall effort to improve the federal acquisition process and it will significantly improve GSA’s effectiveness in meeting the increasing requirements of federal agencies for excellent acquisition services,” said GSA Administrator Stephen A. Perry. “I commend the GSA design teams for working diligently to develop this plan and I’m confident that it will enhance our ability to provide reliable, consistent and compliant acquisition services that yield best value to federal agencies and taxpayers.”

In January GSA launched the FTS/FSS reorganization initiative and in June, issued a high-level organizational design to indicate the general direction of the reorganization and to invite input from GSA associates, customer agencies, industry contractors, Congress and others. The input provided by all stakeholders throughout the development of this plan has been very helpful in developing the detailed organizational design which consists of:

  • Commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service
  • Five National Program Offices:
    1. Customer Accounts and Research: enables GSA better understand customer requirements and become a strategic partner in helping agencies meet their acquisition needs.
    2. Acquisition Management: ensures that GSA’s activities are fully compliant with federal laws, regulations and policies, and that operating practices are consistent across business lines and regions.
    3. Integrated Technology Services: groups together the GSA units that acquire information technology, telecommunications and professional services.
    4. General Supplies and Services: groups together the GSA units that acquire a broad range of commercial products and closely-related services, as well as some specialized logistics-based activities.
    5. Travel, Motor Vehicles and Card Services: groups together business lines which share commonalities that provide opportunities for synergy and scale.
  • Six Zonal Offices for Local Customer Service Delivery:

Recognizing the need to provide direct, face-to-face customer service, the FAS organization will include six zones within the 11 GSA regions. Under this arrangement, GSA associates will provide customers in a particular geographic area with services such as IT-assisted acquisition, fleet service representatives and personal property. Associates in the former FTS and FSS Regional and Zonal offices will remain in their current geographic locations, but will be reorganized into six zones. FAS staff conducting local customer delivery will report to the Assistant Regional Administrators in the six FAS zones.

Zone A: New England Region
Northeast & Caribbean Region

Zone B: Mid-Atlantic Region
National Capital Region

Zone C: Southeast-Sunbelt Region
Great Lakes Region

Zone D: Greater Southwest Region

Zone E: Heartland Region
Rocky Mountain Region

Zone F: Pacific Rim Region
Northwest/Arctic Region

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