FTS/FSS Reorganization

Posted April 27, 2005

The new organization that emerges from the restructuring of the Federal Technology Service and Federal Supply Service will help GSA meet President Bush’s twin goals of reducing government spending and improving performance.

“We believe it is important for organizations that desire to achieve high performance and continuous improvement to periodically review their operations and organizational structures in order to make improvements where possible,” said Administrator Stephen A. Perry. “Since GSA began to more effectively measure program performance on a quarterly basis, it has become clear that there are Operations in FTS and FSS that can be accomplished more effectively and there are organizational structures that can be streamlined to improve performance in meeting our customer agencies’ requirements for acquisition services at best value for the American taxpayer.”

The reorganization will make it easier for industry contractors to understand and use GSA’s acquisition processes, and it will enhance the efficiency of the agency’s administrative support functions by consolidating certain activities that are now performed in separate units.

For instance, one change that will significantly streamline the administrative and financial management aspects of FTS and FSS operations is combining what is now the General Supply Fund and the Information Technology Fund into a single fund. The President’s Fiscal Year 2006 budget calls on Congress to provide GSA with the authority necessary to establish this single, revolving fund.

The restructuring will also strengthen GSA’s capability to meet demand for excellence in the acquisition of information technology and other products and services.

To encourage an open dialogue between government and industry on the FTS and FSS reorganization, a public meeting was held at GSA on Thursday, April 21.

Throughout the reorganization process, GSA will make an effort to get comments from associates, customer agencies and others. Anyone interested in providing input or asking a question may send an e-mail to onegsa@gsa.gov.

As Administrator Perry has reported to Congress, the reorganization and consolidation planning process is under way. A steering team and several senior task forces have begun to document the scope of the work, identify areas of opportunity, and develop proposed changes and solutions.

The teams will complete the first draft of a detailed reorganization and consolidation implementation plan by May 31, and will complete the final plan in July. Again, onegsa@gsa.gov is the email address for anyone who would like to provide comments or ask questions about the reorganization.

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