GSA-Lakewood Work to Build Robust Community

Posted August 10, 2006

GSA is collaborating with the City of Lakewood to plan for the longevity of the Denver Federal Center. With more than 6,000 federal employees and 65 active buildings, the Center in Lakewood, Colorado, plays an important role in the local and regional community.

The key components of the planning process include:

  • A negotiated sale with the City of Lakewood of 50 acres of federal land to relocate St. Anthony’s Central Hospital, the first hospital to be located in the Lakewood community;
  • Arrangements to negotiate the sale of 15 acres of federal land for the purpose of a public transportation system;
  • Development of a 20+ year vision and strategy for the Federal Center to meet the needs of tenants and promote further integration with the local community.

The guiding vision statement for the Federal Center Master Site Plan Study captures the spirit of the community:

“This world-class federal campus integrates a mix of uses that complements the larger community. The campus serves as a model for innovative partnerships, enhancing value for taxpayers and the efficiency and longevity of federal operations. In meeting the federal mission, the campus embraces sustainability, design excellence, and greater accessibility for the public. It serves as a prominent and progressive community hub, capitalizing on the availability of public transit and services. The campus reflects a renewed commitment to our collective future.”

GSA collaborates with local communities, state and local governments, and tenants throughout the United States. GSA is distinct in that it builds, leases, and renovates properties where there is a need and in many cases where the market would not otherwise drive new development. GSA facilities often present a significant opportunity to help support future development in many communities. For example, the public investment in federal properties can encourage the development and health of transportation and related infrastructure that will benefit the larger community.

For more information, contact Lisa Dorsey Morpurgo at (303) 236-8000, Ext. 5039 or e-mail at

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