GSA Schedules Make Buying Easier

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Posted February 1, 2005

How do GSA Schedules make it easier for you, a procurement official, to buy supplies and services? Since GSA has already negotiated fair and reasonable pricing, you only need to determine that an offer is the “best value.” Orders placed against GSA Schedules meet the requirements for full and open competition when you follow the procedures in Federal Acquisition Regulation 8.4. Before placing an order, check to see when you should request additional price reductions.

What other advantages do GSA Schedules offer those with purchasing duties? They make it easier to meet small business goals. Use GSA Schedules to quickly find small businesses that can meet your needs!

Cooperative Purchasing extends the buying power of the federal government to state and local governments. They can use GSA Schedule 70 and the GSA Consolidated Schedule to purchase information technology.

On a daily basis, the Multiple Award Schedule Helpdesk provides expert support when you have questions about how to proceed. For the long term, GSA provides great training opportunities so you’ll feel confident using GSA Schedules to simplify your procurement requirements.

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