Consider Share-in-Savings

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Posted May 26, 2004

Consider using share-in-savings (SiS) when deciding how to handle your next procurement. SiS can provide government agencies higher quality solutions at reasonable costs in shorter periods of time.

SiS is the ultimate form of performance-based contracting with payment tied directly to performance.

  • The contractor pays for a system’s development and thus assumes the financial risk. With this risk comes the potential for greater compensation.
  • An agency, by statute, can retain any savings above what is paid to the industry partner.

A business-case decision tool is available to help agencies decide whether it is feasible to use share-in-savings on a project. In addition, GSA’s Share-in-Savings Program Office can provide other support tools, best practices, and existing contract vehicles to help your agency deliver best value to America’s taxpayers.

Contact the Share-in-Savings Program Office at (202) 219-0311 for more information about this exciting and innovative program.

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