Bibb Announces Pending Retirement

Acting Administrator David L. Bibb on Wednesday announced his intention to retire from GSA on September 1st to pursue an opportunity in the real estate industry.

Bibb’s departure will end a renowned career in public service that began in 1971, when he joined GSA in Atlanta as a management intern. Over the years, Bibb ascended to the agency’s top leadership positions, serving as Acting Administrator and, since 2003, as Deputy Administrator.

“There is no better place to work in the federal government than GSA,” Bibb said. “I’ve had the privilege to work alongside some of the most dedicated, brightest, hardworking people you will find anywhere in government.”

During his tenure, Bibb has also served as Assistant Commissioner for Planning and Deputy Commissioner in the Public Buildings Service and Deputy Associate Administrator for Real Property in the Office of Government-wide Policy. He has been instrumental in the development of a number of innovative environmental and workplace initiatives that have now become standard practice at GSA.

Bibb is a recipient of the Presidential Rank Award of Distinguished Executive, the foremost award available to members of the career Senior Executive Service, and is a two-time recipient of the Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Executive. He has twice received the Administrator’s Distinguished Service Award, GSA’s highest honor.

Bibb predicted continued success for GSA, telling employees, “I will remain your biggest cheerleader. I am leaving, but my heart will always be with you and this tremendous organization. The citizens of our country can be proud of the work GSA has done to bring the best value to taxpayers when delivering the goods and services that keep government running. ”

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