GSA Supports Urban Redevelopment

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Posted April 9, 2004
front of the Army Corps of Engineers laboratory
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front after redevelopment as 'Center of Hope' shelter
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GSA’s Brownfields Redevelopment Initiative (BRI) takes underutilized federal properties with varying degrees of contamination and helps put them back into productive use. The initiative was launched to bolster local revitalization efforts that use existing federal infrastructures.

In addition, the BRI provides an alternative to developing open spaces by recycling structures, thus reducing the demand to use open space for new development. This helps restrain urban sprawl.

GSA is also part of the Brownfields Federal Partnership. Working with more than 20 other agencies, GSA supports the economic development of communities across the nation.

For a copy of the BRI publication or for more information about the projects with which GSA is currently engaged, contact John Q. Martin at (202) 501-4671 in GSA’s Office of Property Disposal.

Note: These are before and after pictures of the entrance to 4815 Cass Street, Dallas, Texas. Formerly, the site held a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers soil-testing laboratory. The Center of Hope, a transitional residence shelter, opened at this location in 2002.

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