Choose Discounted Unrestricted Airfares

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Posted August 27, 2004

GSA’s City Pair Program provides discounted fares on refundable airline tickets that require no advance purchase or minimum length of stay! Looking at the best value for the government, the program takes into consideration ticket prices, last-minute itinerary changes, and other special needs of the federal traveler.

Multiple destinations are no problem when travelers use the City Pair Program. Fares are based on one-way travel. Since fares do not change during the contract year, it’s easy for program offices to budget travel expenses.

The City Pair Program is mandatory for federal travelers. Exceptions are available in the Federal Travel Regulations and the Joint Travel Regulations.

For details on the program, including allowable exceptions, read the frequently asked questions section of the City Pair Program website. Submit questions to the City Pair team through the Ask the Expert discussion forum.

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