GSA Builds Cafeteria for EPA

Posted January 13, 2003

Government cafeteria openings do not usually warrant the attention of high-ranking agency officials, but the new eatery GSA built for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at Federal Triangle in Washington, DC is no ordinary cafeteria.

The facility boasts informational kiosks, green design components ranging from carpeting and furniture to forks and knives, and a video media wall that can carry news, videos, and emergency broadcasts. Also in the works is a massive fish tank designed to remind guests of EPA’s commitment to marine ecosystems.

GSA Administrator Stephen A. Perry, speaking at the opening of the facility on January 13, noted that the cafeteria is part of a larger modernization project for the Ariel Rios, Customs, and connected buildings. "The modernization provides improvements, which enhance the health, safety, and general work environment for federal workers, while preserving the historic elements of these treasured properties," Mr. Perry said.

The Administrator and Morris Winn, EPA Assistant Administrator, Office of Administration and Resources Management, both said the project was a success in large measure because of stellar teamwork and cooperation between the two agencies. Winn said GSA’s National Capital Region Federal Triangle Team "partnered and worked shoulder to shoulder with EPA staff to make this cafeteria a reality."

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