Contacting GSA Staff

Posted February 24, 2005

You need to call someone who works for GSA but can’t remember exactly how to spell the last name. That’s not a problem because one way you can search the directory of those who work at GSA is by entering only first names!

The directory, accessed by clicking on “Contacts” in the red bar at the top of each page, contains the phone number, e-mail, and address of each GSA associate. It also contains contact information for contractors assigned to GSA.

This directory is provided as a resource to:

  • Customer agencies
    Whether you need help with renovations, GSA Schedules, policy issues, or any other service GSA provides, locate the people who can assist you.
  • Vendors
    Use the directory to look up the contracting officer who handles the GSA Schedule of interest to your business offerings.
  • Intergovernmental working groups
    Need to contact a team member? Type the name into the contacts form.
  • General public
    You’re trying to find the GSA spokesperson you heard at an event. This directory gives you all the contact information you need.

Frequently requested “key contacts” are listed on the right side of the contacts page. Be sure to browse through this list. In fact, on almost every page of you’ll find one or more contacts listed in the upper right column. Excellent contact support is just one more way GSA helps you be productive.

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