Take a Second Look: GSA.gov Has a New Face

Posted December 16, 2002

If you've visited the GSA website before and think it looks different now, you are correct. The changes you see are the first steps in a complete redesign of the site to be launched in Spring 2003. GSA.gov is being recast to be a more useful, efficient, and user-friendly resource that supports GSA's marketing initiatives and business priorities.

The most visible features to date are simplified design and organization of the pages. Information most often sought by site visitors is more prominently displayed and easily accessible. Less obvious, but no less important, are improved navigation and direct connections to key topics and contacts. Links to each service, staff office, and region are now available from a drop-down menu on the home page. Also new is a customer survey; visitor response will help shape the redesign of gsa.gov. You can also send comments to editorial.services@gsa.gov.

In the course of the next few months, GSA will evaluate the basic structure of the site; review content for clarity, consistency and timeliness; and coordinate content that cuts across two or more GSA organizations. Changes will be made accordingly.

The redesign of gsa.gov supports President Bush's vision of government that makes full use of technology to improve citizen services and produce results-oriented performance by federal agencies. By making information easier to find online, GSA can help federal agencies save tax dollars in travel, rent, building maintenance, and on everything else agencies need to fulfill their missions, from furniture to telecommunications.

Bates Worldwide and its interactive partner, 141XM of New York City, are assisting GSA in the website redesign.

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