ANSWER Contract Exceeds $2 Billion in Sales

Posted September 11, 2003

ANSWER, short for Applications 'n Support for Widely-diverse End User Requirements is one of GSA’s governmentwide acquisition contracts (GWACs). With sales now in excess of $2 billion, more than 1,800 solution-oriented information technology (IT) projects have been launched under the ANSWER contract.

Available worldwide, this contract provides stability and continuity in today’s highly volatile and rapidly changing technological environment. Refreshed annually, this contract provides a wide range of IT solutions. Over 26 civilian and DoD agencies in more than 55 countries have used the ANSWER contract to date.

GSA created the ANSWER contract four years ago to consolidate regional IT contracts into a comprehensive contract that covers all IT services. It was designed to take advantage of economies of scale for numerous, large, and complex requirements.

The GSA’s ANSWER Governmentwide Acquisition Contract Center (ANSWER GWACC), located in the Pacific Rim Region, administers the contract. For additional information, contact Monti Jaggers.

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