FSS, FTS Realign Some Functions

Posted December 24, 2002

GSA is realigning and combining some of its procurement processes for the Federal Technology Service (FTS) and Federal Supply Service (FSS). The changes will allow GSA to more efficiently meet customer agencies' needs for procurement of IT products and professional services.

Effective January 12, 2003, development and maintenance of GSA’s Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), now in FTS, will be combined into the FSS contract development centers. Contract development and maintenance functions for GWACs in GSA’s four FTS Development Centers—in Atlanta, Kansas City, Fort Worth, and San Francisco—will transfer to the FSS GWAC centers within the same four regional offices.

Also changing—the contract development and maintenance functions for GWACs of the Federal Computer Acquisition Center (FEDCAC) will move to the FSS IT Acquisition Center in central office.

FTS will have responsibility and be the primary point of contact for Customer Account Planning and Sales for procurement of IT and professional services. This reflects a growing need by customers for GSA’s expert assistance in the procurement of IT and certain professional services.

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