GSA Supports the Troops in Iraq

Posted April 9, 2003

The doctor stares at the monitor then asks a few pointed questions. Hundreds of miles away, the medical support staff responds. Separated by significant distances, these medical personnel are communicating via a global support system in order to provide medical care and logistics support that will result in reduced combat mortality, increased accountability for wounded soldiers, efficient delivery of forward medical inventories, and real-time digital patient information. Providing this global support system is just one example of how GSA associates are supporting the troops engaged in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

GSA is supplying all branches of the military, worldwide, with products and services. GSA provides communications equipment and support, as well as software for everything from training to weaponry. Need a facility in which to teach Arabic? GSA is helping to outfit those classroom environments. Moving troops or tracking them? GSA provides the means with equipment and computers. Whether it’s supercomputers or laptops, whether it’s for the Army, Navy or Air Force, GSA is working with its clients to be sure the troops have what they need, when they need it.

GSA also works with other agencies as they lend their support to Defend America. Recently, GSA assisted the Department of Homeland Security (through the Coast Guard, the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration, and the Transportation Security Administration), the FBI, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

GSA is part of the military supply chain, assisting troops abroad as well as homeland operations that support deployed units. GSA prides itself on developing solutions that meet customers’ needs.

For additional information about products and services, contact Dena McLaughlin with GSA’s Federal Supply Service.

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