GSA Conference Highlights New Media and Citizen Engagement

GSA Administrator Martha Johnson will kick off this year’s Government Web and New Media Conference, the largest gathering of federal, state, and local web and new media professionals in the U.S.

The seventh annual Web Manager University’s Government Web and New Media Conference will be April 27-April 28 at the Renaissance Hotel, 999 Ninth St. NW, Washington, DC.

The event attracts more than 500 attendees from more than 50 government agencies. This year’s focus will be on creating a culture of innovation and customer service across the government via the Web, social media, phone, and other methods people connect with government.

Johnson's welcoming and introductory remarks on April 27 will be followed by plenary sessions featuring the biggest names in new media innovation from government and industry.

Plenary sessions during the two-day event include:

“Open Government: Why It Matters and How It Can Help Us Deliver Excellent Customer Service.” This panel discussion includes Vivek Kundra, Federal Chief Information Officer; David McClure, GSA Associate Administrator, Office of Citizen Services; and, Macon Phillips, Special Assistant to the President and Director of New Media at the White House.

"Innovation Showcase": Six of the top innovations in government in a rapid-fire presentation style.

"Federal Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement": What the center is doing to help agencies develop new tools and resources for open government.

"Building Meaningful Customer Engagement the Starbucks Way": Chris Bruzzo, Starbucks Coffee Vice President for brand, content and online.

GSA’s Co-Directors of Federal Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement Bev Godwin and Gwynne Kostin will discuss what the center is doing to assist federal agencies.

Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist, and Joe Doyle, state of Georgia, will give a how-to session presenting proven strategies and tactics that are transforming customer service in government.

"Citizen Customers": a presentation by Paul Misener, Vice President for Global Public Policy of

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